5 Jun 2011

one summer's saturday

We take a train into the city,
and spend the morning wandering Montmartre
trying not to melt from the heat,
or get trampled by tourists -
but devouring the pastel walls,
and hidden gardens...
We chance upon a little eatery,
where for lunch there is a buffet of good food in old crockery, fresh juice, and mexican painted walls, we decide we will definitely return.
my obsession with taking photos of (and in) doorways continues,
We browse fabric-lined streets and I try not to combust with excitement,
while Alex probably tries not to combust with boredom
(though he doesn't say so),
we also find quaint little shops and grafitti,
We come home and make the most of the light that's left;
Alex cuts the hedges and tends to the garden -
I tidy up the wardrobe,
change into a lighter garment,
tie my hair into pigtails,
and write letters to friends,
we share a colourful supper
(of salad, roasted polenta, tatziki dip, cold barley tea)
add to a list of things to do in France,
watch a silly, romantic movie,

fall into bed,
hear a storm thundering
and think my what a day it has been...


  1. Emily, i am loving reading about life in France and am vicariously living through you as i nurse my bebe. Wishing you and Alex all the best. x

  2. looks like a lovely saturday! have a happy sunday too!

  3. Photobooths in honour of Amelie?

    I particularly love your pigtails, and Alex doing battle with the hedge.

  4. Oooh! I've been there (years ago)...I loved seeing your photos...

  5. these photos bring much needed light and hope of travels into my heart!

    by the bye, adore your dress!


    So excited! So jealous of you right now (but in a good way!).

    You look so gorgeous as do the surroundings and your happiness makes me smile. As do the pig tails!

    Was La Maison Rose The Pink House?

  7. P.S.

    The prospect of summer is bringing me warmth in what is proving to be a rather cold spell and I cannot wait to see photos from the catacombs.

  8. Everything there looks wonderful... I wish you a nice week!

  9. Oh my goodness, a picture perfect day!
    All the sterotypes of Paris that are way better than any sterotype could ever be! (does that even make sense)
    Ahh truely lovely, and that food!

  10. Le sigh of ten-thousand sighs! I want to get lost on those city streets!

  11. Oh my goodness what a beautiful life! :)

  12. Belle jour!

    ( Can't help it - are you wearing sunscreen?)

  13. I especially love La Maison Rose!

  14. Oh you are really in Amelie territory now! It all looks so amazing. And I have to say your pigtails are adorable!


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