1 Jun 2011

Ode to Autumn/Spring

[A quarterly hymn to the season/s past]

Oh Autumn,
you were cut short this year,
But I know
you know
that you are my dear friend
and that those crisp whispers
in the morning,
and golden glisten -
against my face
soaked right into my soul.

Here are some of the things I loved most about you:
Appearing in an art exhibition with my husband,
finishing my first full-time job,
knitting my first garment,
visiting the isle of apples,
turning twenty-two and seeing my birthday balloons in the morning sky,
obtaining my first temporary visa,
taking time for breakfast,
letting hair grow out au natural,
making things with my hands,
feeling anxiety turn to relief and stress into peace
savouring a whole, beautiful day with my mum

then a curious thing happened,
after 23 hours of flying
I found myself directly in -
settling into France,
smelling the roses in our garden,
starting a brand new challenging, interesting job,
picking cherries from a tree,
raspberries from my fingers,
strawberries from a box,
dreaming in a field of daisies,
living with my husband (and no-one else) for the very first time
shaping butterflies for the bedroom -
knitting a second garment,
eating snails in town (Paris) and a whole lot of brioche,
receiving my first two letters in the post,
planting geraniums,

and feeling ready to take on summer again


  1. Oh I hadn't even realized that you would be on the same hemisphere as I am now! Summer is lucky to get you twice...and may I say, way to pick (it would have been rather dreary to have two winters, non?).

    I'm going to miss Queensland.
    But, I'll embrace your version of France like my own.

  2. So happy for the geraniums!

    And how nice to see that my letter arrived, a little battered but there none-the-less.

    Winter's definitely kicked in too so enjoy the spring shine.


  3. wow such a life of beauty........what a season/s it has been then!
    hope summer brings even more beauty!(at least the summers over there wont be as sweaty as they are over here.....right?)

    Lovely, happy images again and again........

  4. What a nice post! Lovely!

  5. Perfectly beautiful in every way!! I love the poetry, the pictures and THOSE ROSES!! Heavenly.

  6. A beautiful and inspiring post Emily! It has transformed my mood (previously melancholy with the dark clouds outside) into a light and dreamy one... which reflects in my comment, ah :) x

    (thank you!)


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