17 Jun 2011

les coquelicots rouges

As if in a dream,
we found each other -
you beamed with pride
I blushed

and woke from a sleep
I didn't know I was in -

a soft tremble in my soul,
a rustle in the breeze,
a buzz in overgrown grass,
a confetti of red,

in my heart
I carried you home

and remembered you
with my hands
as best I could:


  1. beautiful! j'adore les coquelicots!

  2. You blog has inspired me to learn how to embroider. I finished my first picture yesterday (just experimenting with differeing stiches) and am now officially addicted. Thank you :)
    Loving reading your adventures in Paris. It has been a very cold start to winter back in Sydney.

  3. Life through your eyes is incredible;
    thank you :)

  4. Good heavens, your blog is inspiring. Thank you.

  5. beautiful words, and sights.

    Hoping your hearts are finding peace in a new land.

    Love to you friend.

  6. Emily it's all so beautiful! I love the poppy fields so much! And your embroidery is gorgeous. Thanks so much for thinking of me in my little bumpy world. I appreciate it x x

  7. Emily, Emily, Emily. This is so exquisite. I love the photos so much and adore your embroidery. Perfect, like you.


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