29 May 2011

A Short Story


  1. My goodness, where could they have gone? It must be magic!! : )

  2. haha i do this too when i eat raspberries or some of those nommy french bon bons.
    i am loving the pictures f your french adventure so far, but you are giving me such itchy travelling feet. X

  3. j'adore! 'I like to look for things no one else catches.' - Amélie

  4. Did you pick them from a cane in your garden?

  5. Ah this reminds me of the famous Amelie! Actually isn't Amelie french for Emily? I should have known as you have often reminded me of that gorgeous creature!

  6. mmmmmm, yum, are they cheaper in france?

  7. Uncle E, it was very delicious magic at that!

    Ruby, you are more than welcome to visit me here!

    lulu, amen!

    jodi, oh yes - I've never tasted raspberries more sweet and delicious than these

    susan, no these aren't from our garden but a local farm

    anne, :)

    kerri, I admit she did give me the idea! what a sweet lass.

    ailin, yes! a whole punnet was 1 euro (about $1.30)


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