4 May 2011

ms nancy, a knee quilt

This is Ms Nancy - my most recent quilty project, I've named her after my granny because there is something fresh and old-fashioned and cosy about her. I used scraps of cotton and linen (even a bit of an old dishcloth) I had lying around in the biggest squares I could cut from them - its lined with Australian wool and the backing is a sweet French cotton with embroidered polka dots I found in a sale bin. Then I quilted six cotton doilies I already had in my stash and fixed my favourite thing in the very centre - an old semco embroidery template:
I love the cream and sage and linen grey together. And while its a bit too small for our bed its the perfect size for cosying up in on a rainy day watching Middlemarch.That I can assure you.
On other little quilting adventures and to really test my thriftiness I made these two place mats from the scraps of the quilt. They are pretty wonky in alignment but I like them... and they certainly make breakfast a special affair.


  1. The bottom corner fabric in the first placemat photo looks strangely familiar - like something in one of the quilts I have.

    Ms Nancy sure is a darling! Will she be travelling to Paris?

  2. Very lovely...you stumped me with "knee quilt"...I suppose it is because it will keep your knees warm? One kneeds all sizes of cozy things...I'll check out my scrap bag.

  3. Alice, its probably because it is from Jenny's fabrics! It was in the box of squares she gave me a few years ago :) And yes Ms Nancy will be travelling to Paris with us.

    Cindy, I call it a knee quilt because its not quite big enough to cover a full double bed and is better suited to being folded up on the end of a sofa - ready to keep you warm when you stuggle up to watch a movie or read a book.

  4. 1. I love your quilt and little place mats.
    2. I loooove that you named your quilt. My first car was named Nancy and I treasured that old 1993 dearly! (:

  5. i adore reading your blog and sharing in your life in a quiet onlooker way. it has been a simple joy in my day to read old posts and get another sneak peak into your life. looking forward to one day meeting you and sharing in life together. i am excited to chat soon and i am now inspired to get my machine out and sew my blocks of vintage fabrics together to form my first quilt. <3 alisha


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