11 May 2011


a feeling
of autumn glowing in my hands
a contemplation
on the morning's dew
a solution
to the hair getting in my eyes
a smell
of rye sourdough, freshly baked
an addiction
to roasted barley tea
a softness
of sheep's wool about my toes
a luxury
of blossoming flowers at the window sill
a soothing sight
of blue walls (with white clouds)
a sleepy smile
of a woman closer to the 23 hr jaunt
across the globe to our new home


  1. Dearest Emily,

    such heartfelt snaps...lovely.

    I'm so immensely envious of this new adventure! Safe&Smooth travels.

    Much love,

  2. I hope your journey is incredible & peaceful & well!

  3. I got the pen roll in the amil today! I am exceedingly pleased with it. It will help in endeavours to carry my sketchbook around.

    Also, your headwrap is lovely.


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