1 Jun 2011

local delights

This afternoon I went off for a walk to the main shopping street in my suburb and chanced upon upon an asian grocer - and how funny it was to find its interiors more familiar to me in Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese than the French ones! What a delight it was to be able to buy good (cheap) rice noodles, chopsticks, chili sauce, stock, jasmine tea, bean sprouts! Not to mention an array of fruit and vegetables in excellent condition.

Finding this market has brought me a new feeling of homeliness, if that makes sense, because in the place where I grew up in Sydney - my local store was Lebanese (or should I say stores, as there were 6 on my road!) and so buying food was always a bit of an adventure, and I was accustomed to trying new things. That and the smell of tobacco and ground cumin and whatever was cooking in the family kitchen...

Now its the smell of soy sauce and coriander and wontons. I like that.
So with today's findings I made us a kind of Vietnamese soup for supper with noodles, pho stock, sprouts, scallions, poached chicken, bok choy, mushrooms chili, and fresh coriander, mint and basil from our garden. And I don't know if I have ever felt more blessed devouring a soup than I did with this one...

Happy Monday,
I hope the week is nourishing to you


  1. That is a beautiful soup. Pho is a bit of an obsession among our generally food-obsessed friends, but I have yet to try it. The broth intimidates me (especially since I have no chicken or beef stock), and the Asian grocery store is quite the bicycle ride from here.

    It warms me, though, to see that my Australian friend in France buys the same brand of Asian hot sauce that I buy in Canada.


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