26 May 2011

corners of our home - blanc

It is a strange feeling for Alex and I to be living by ourselves - since we've been married we have always lived with other people. Now we find ourselves across the globe in our very own one-bedroom maisonette. Not only that but that we are allowed to paint the walls. Fill it with our character and whimsy. Surround it with a bright garden. Sing aloud till our hearts are content. Or make silly faces. We are so blessed to have this little space. I want to show you corners of it over the next two years we're here, and how we make it ours.

Starting with our bedroom. It really is a bed-room because that's all that can fit in it! Eventually we'd like to tear down the faded, peeling wallpaper and paint it. In the meantime I've been trying to make lovely. Alex let me decide how to furnish it and more than anything I wanted it be bright, clean, and full of fresh feelings - and blanc.
I found curtains that were a soft cotton with candle-wicking like embroidery, sheets, pillows and a bedspread that were off white, a rug for my feet to meet in the morning, delicately embroidered lamp shades - all curteousy of ikea (and a family gift). Our bed was already here and I like its old-fashioned, wrought-iron look. We were lent the little cream-coloured bedside. Then I cut some little butterflies out of white paper and cardboard (good ol' ikea packaging) and strung them up as a mobile from our light fixture. The daisies are hand picked from an overgrown empty lot near by.
Oui, I think it is a beautiful room to recline and rest and romance in.


  1. i sure hope you kept some of that wall paper, it would be swell for your sketches.

    glad you both arrived safely.

  2. It is lovely in blanc. Romance away ;-)

  3. yes, it truly is lovely. very nice work, indeed.

  4. whimsical, indeed.
    you're sculpting quite the creative but serene, sacred space!

    happy slumbers!

  5. So beautiful Emily! I love the bed, although it looks too small for two! How lovely to be making mobiles and picking flowers and making it your own x x

  6. This all looks so lovely. Enjoy having a place of your own! xo

  7. Very beautiful and simple! :)
    My husband and I live in a one room here in South Korea- and it's cozy! It's a great journey in getting so close with your love!

    Happy travels! God bless.

  8. Oui and double oui! J'adore!


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