28 May 2011

blue wool and brioche

Today was unseasonably cool, and this morning I found myself reaching for something warm and wooly to put on. It just happened to be my only-just-completed second attempt at knitting a garment. I found the free pattern via ravelry - find it here.

The wool is a delicious pure wool blue-blend that I bought 10 balls for $2 at a church thrift store years ago. It was fun making it, especially the diamond neck and I didn't seem to make any noticeable holes/slipped stitches - except that somehow its way too wide in the chest/stomach region. I could unravel it... but I won't. I'm happy to accept I'm a novice knitter and that it can be another round-the-house cosy piece. And it only cost $2.
In other adventures, I've been trying to get out for a walk and mini shop every day. It seems to be the French way of doing things; buying only what you need for the next two or three days - rather than for the next two or three weeks! So far I've found the price of fresh food even a tiny bit cheaper here - that said I am really looking forward to having our own vegetables coming from the garden. I really miss my thyme and sage bush.

Yesterday I went for my second trip to bakery and in my very basic french asked for one whole-grain loaf sliced, 1 brioche and 2 chocolate croissants. Somehow I ended up with 4 brioche and 5 chocolate croissants! I guess I was a bit nevous and kept saying oui. Nethertheless I adore brioche and Alex chocolate croissants. Just not 4 at once. They are very good though...

Happy Weekending lovelies
I hope its a cosy, relaxed one


  1. I love your jumper. The wool has wondrous colours and looks so warm and embracing. You were always addicted to brioche, admit it!

  2. ooooooooooh gorgeous and yum! I love the idea of buying only what you need for two or three days...especially cause i enjoy food shopping :)

    Things sound (and look) good over there! Hope your having a sweet weekend.

  3. I'm all for 4 chocolate croissants at once! Be daring. :P

    Love the jumper. I must get the pattern and have a go.

    Love you lots,

  4. And your hair! Such a beautiful soft brown/red.

  5. I am so impressed by your sweater. (Also your wool-bargaining.) You must knit like lightning!

    I am so glad France is being delightful to you. How envious am I, having never been out of Canada...

    One of the girls from work, in search of the recipe for beeswax cake, asked for your blog's address. Last night she told me she'd love to meet you because you seemed like such a dreamer, such a gentle and creating soul. I said yes, you were. And thought, I would love to meet you too. Someday.

  6. I love walking or riding my bicycle to the french bakery for almond crossiants every weekend. I love your new layout. It's all looking great and sounds like France will be a wonderful adventure!

  7. Blue and brioche look good on you sister-friend! I'm so delighted to watch where the winding streets of France will lead you!

  8. It's beautiful, such a lovely blue and that neckline stunning! Oh and French chocolate croissants are the absolute best!

  9. Oh my goodness, your jumper is amazing! Why on earth you insist upon living so far away from me I do not know, but I very much need a patient person like yourself to teach me to knit! I need to adopt a lovely old lady who can just snooze in her chair until I need help again, and who never gets cross even when I make a hundred mistakes :)


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