11 Apr 2011

a week of colour

thank you for humouring me,
its been so good spending time in and around the strange and wonderful hues of this world.

Find all the days' colour below.


  1. Bravo for celebrating and enjoying colours, you lover of rainbows and every true hue. There were glorious salmon-pink clouds in the western skies tonight. Put me in mind of a certain lady who loved geraniums.

  2. Wow, beautiful. I love the tea cup and the yellow sweater most. Such lovely colors you've captured!

  3. Such a sweet idea for a series of posts. I think we should do a co-post before you leave. Yes?

  4. Anon, yes I know that certain lady you speak of :)

    Stacie, I especially love that sweater too.

    Lucinda, yes I think we must :)


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