16 Apr 2011

thoughts on packing

As our leaving date - May 14th - approaches, I've been thinking about how to transport certain things with us. We are allowed two big suitcases full each, hand luggage on the plane and will be sending over a box of books. This really isn't very much at all. And yet I am strangely thrilled at the prospect of living more simply, with less...
Only that Alex and I are artistic-antiquarian-collectors-hoarders-of sorts and so have amassed in our relatively short lives more oddball, obscure, books and art-making materials than most normal people. So aside from the necessary clothing, thermal underwear and rainproof boots, what of our treasures can we actually bring with us?

Here's my list so far:

*a favourite tablecloth, napkins, oven mits, tea cozy
*a favourite apron
*a favourite (and most used) cookbook
*warm sheep skin boots
*favourite tea pot
*favourite loose tea leaves
*jar of vegemite
*handmade quilts
*array of earrings and necklaces
*scarfs and shawls of varying weights and length
*crafting essentials (crochet hooks, knitting needles, embroidery thread, yarn)
*sewing kit
*blue pens
*lightweight artworks for hanging
*handmade calender
*beloved children's books (moomin & little house on the prairie)
*beloved english literature (bronte, austin, eliot)
*book of metaphysical poetry
*little album of wedding polaroids
*photo of each of my dear kin
*arabic books
*shoe box of christmas things
I have been contemplating exactly how I can make what I want to take neat and compact. I remembered the pen roll I made a few years back and decided to make another one for my crochet hooks, knitting needles and markers. I used scraps of fabric I had lying around and linen - it is beautiful to look at, sturdy and definitely compact when all rolled up.

I made this one in blue to giveaway FREE to one of you lovely readers!

To win this tool/brush/pen/crochet hook/knitting needle roll please leave a comment here and tell me if you were leaving for a another country for two years what FIVE things you take with you? You have until Tuesday night the 19th.
Also please take a little gander at my etsy shop I have listed new earrings and a cheery bag just this morning!

Happy Saturday friendlies


  1. hello:) i have been reading your blog from a far for quite some time, it is so silly that this is teh first time that I have said hello:)
    If I was going away for 2 years I would bring:
    - my portable drive full of my favorite movies, TV shows and photos of my dearhearts
    - sketchbook
    - set of finetip staedtler pens
    - my favorite red lipstick
    - my very loved point n shoot camera
    I hope you have a safe trip :)

  2. I am so envious of you going to live far away and the gorgeous adventures waiting for you. The furthest I have made it so far is New Zealand! :P. Packing your life into a suitcase is never easy.
    If I was going somewhere else for two years (preferably London or Burma) I would pack;
    -My recipe journal to cook food that reminds me of home and to record recipes of new places.
    -My dad's big merino woolen jumper (i wear it when i am homesick and it feels like a big hug from home)
    -My crochet hooks
    -My IPOD with all my music and photos of loved ones on it.
    -My sketchbooking journal to document my travels, adventures and romances

  3. oooh it must be so hard to let go of all your antique/arty objects, but hey your going to Paris and I imagine you will be able to find SO Much other cool things!

    cant believe your leaving next month! How are you going to find a place to live and all the rest? or is it already planned?
    Wow this is the coolest adventure, im excited for you and also to read about your adventures.

    Next time you return, i think that we must!, should!, have to meet face to face!
    I hope all the packing goes well!

  4. How many of those blue fabrics I do recognise :P!

    What I would take:

    Dior Poison perfume
    Quintessential french phrasebook
    My favourite uniball ink pens + notebooks
    Harry Potter series
    And a red geranium cutting in a hydro-soil bag to keep it fresh for my window box.

  5. I would not leave without:
    1)one pair of go-with-anything, hypo-allergenic earrings, 2)a photo of my loved ones having fun, 3)a hand-made coffee mug that reminds me of home, 4)my camera, and 5) comfortable shoes and underwear in case my body type was not the "type" where I was going. I would count those last two as one! (esp cause i would be wearing them over and i learned to wear a lot of underwear to save packing room!!) The rest of "stuff" I could acquire or do without....when in rome.
    Safe travels...

  6. I admire the way you are going about your international move. It is such a daunting thought which I have thought about myself from time to time but I get gripped with a bit of anxiety over what I would take. I feel I would "have to" take all my tax records and this is not what I want to take so that is item number If I can include other necessary documents that would be one item. Next I would like photos of my loved ones. Third would be my camera. Fourth would be my laptop and Last would be comfortable clothes. Will you continue to have your Etsy shop in France? I've been wanting to order something for some time but I think it is better to wait until I've finished simplifying my life (decluttering etc).

  7. what pen did you use for your drawing by the way?

  8. WELL!

    Tricky question, but without dwelling too long, five in no particular order (except the sketchbook. that remains in number one!).
    1. My sketchbook, holder of thoughts, dreams, and ideas.
    2. My favorite well-worn brown leather boots.
    3. A vintage, single-cup ceramic tea pot, belonging once to a great-aunt I never met, yet still have a huge amount of sentiment tied up in.
    4. Pierre! But of course I would HAVE to take my trusty camera!
    5. I'd love to say something far more glamorous, but in all honestly a huge pair of sunglasses. I'm blind as a rat in the sun and shades are a necessity.

  9. my notebooks
    my poetry books
    my Global chef's knife
    Annalena, my yellow bicycle
    my Grados headphones (and an iPod)

    If I was going to Paris, it would be obviously unnecessary to bring any clothes . . .

  10. The needle case is divine!!! I have always wanted one of those. If I was going away I would take:

    oh gosh. This is hard.
    1.A photo album filled with pictures of loved ones and places close to my heart
    2. The box of my 4yr old's artwork/memories/baby book
    3. My singer sewing machine (twas my grandma's and is an old black metal one which works like a dream)
    4. My pillow
    5. My phone book so I can contact all my family.

    Where in France are you moving to? We are hoping to visit there at the end of the year. We have never travelled before so it is quite an excitingdream. We will be visiting my parents (who live in Tanzania) as well.

  11. sorry i'm on anonymous I am new to blogspot and have not yet finished my blog and don't really want people to get an unfinished first impression but I love France and visit regularly it is the most fabulous and cultural place in the world (in my opinion) where are you staying?
    and whenever I travel I most definitely always take
    1. My sister she is a must, doesn't fit in a suitcase though, pesky bugger
    2. My Dad's Canon film camera he is no longer with us but his name is engraved in the camera so i feel like i am taking him with me
    3. My lonely planet
    4. I'm a designer so i try to bring my sewing machine as much as possible failing that my kit
    5. A sketchbook or travel journal of sorts to record everything that the place is inspiring me with and all the stories I can see in the people

    My name is Astrid
    I'm 24 and do small design work for gucci

  12. Funny, when thinking about this it is not obvious at all what I couldn't live without. Just keep comming up with boring things like wallet, phone, passport... But there are some things that remind me of what is important and who I am (and want to be):
    - Immediate family, photobook by Sally Mann
    - My loved shoes (incl Minnetonka & Converse & Dr Martens, I count them as one...)
    - A calender with the birthdays of friends and family noted (I tend to forget)
    - My cheap but personal jewlery
    - A framed photo of my loved ones (if I can't take the actual persons with me..)

    Love the earrings I bought from you so much!


  13. Hmm... 2 years? I would have to bring:
    - my drop spindle. Who needs to bring yarn when you can spin it yourself?
    - Addi needle set. Knitting flexibility : )
    - The Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I could read that book over and over and over...
    - a long tiered skirt. There's nothing more comfortable, or versitile.
    - my camera for capturing all of the wonderful memories.

  14. What a lovely pen wrap! It is adorable.

    What I would bring:
    -My Bible/journal/pens
    -A slightly ambitious book, like The Idiot by Dostoevsky
    -My wonderful sleeping bag + silk insert
    -A pinhole camera
    -An array of scarves and necklaces


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