27 Apr 2011

a hillside wedding

a few weeks ago alex and I flew down to the isle of Tasmania for his cousin's wedding, it was a beautiful hillside affair - I didn't want the months to slip by without me sharing it with you.

the ceremony was held at the groom's family farm,
and they wed under an arched canopy of green hops -

the clouds tumbled grey and white overhead
but never released their rain,

there was a string trio playing,
a wee little cousin in bonnet dancing,

the bride and bridesmaids dresses were handmade
and were all kinds of lovely and simple and perfectly suited to them -
their bouquets too with an array of natives flowers,

there were masses of green hydrangeas,
delicately cut tissue paper garlands on the fences,

lanterns in trees,
an afternoon gathering with a tea and coffee buffet,

and later a reception near the ocean,
where sounds of love and waves and
merriment chimed on into the night,

oh yes,
and at the farm I found
the tinniest apple I ever held 'gainst my fingertips

I thought,
you are a tiny promise
of something true and beautiful.


  1. How gorgeous! The little apple, the beautiful wedding.....everything.
    Sounds like a such a lovely occasion!

  2. I love the photo with the little girl in the bonnet! Was she the flower girl?

  3. Those bouquets are amazing!


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