13 Apr 2011

eleven years from this place

eleven years from this place
I have looked out at the world

where I have laughed
and cried, imagined,
prayed, sighed,

where I took my bicycle as a ten year old
worries as a fourteen year old
english literature as a sixteen year old
my husband as a twenty year old

a view
not worth a market million,
not worthy of sign that says "view"
but through my eyes:

a horizon,
a tangle of trees,
a cityscape,
a junk yard,
overgrown grass,
train tracks,
a mystery,
a dreamplace

for a listening ear

and now
with barely five weeks
before we fly,

I look out
not sure of when I will be back
and what memories and joys and scars
I will bring back with me
but know
my Lord will meet me here
again and again and again.


  1. The place will hold your spirit and whether you return or not you will always be there...as those who came before you certainly are.


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