22 Apr 2011

DIY Easter Eggs

I love this time of year - as a person of faith and as much as I can be not of religiosity, I don't love it purely for its holidays and rituals but because we can be still and recognise the reason we can hold such hope for restoration in the hearts of man. I think colour and decoration then is a way of expressing that hope - for filling our rooms and lives with joy - here are some little things of colour I made to give to my family and friends.

You will need:
*different dyes in cups of water
*watercolour paper
First: hard boil eggs, cool, then dye in a variety of shades.
Next: With remaining dye use a paint brush to colour up some watercolour paper
Next: When the paper is dry cut it into thin strips so all the colours show
Next: write an easter message (I have used my favourite words spoken by Jesus) on the strips of paper and wrap them around the egg horizontally or vertically - secure in place with some glue.
He is all those things, and more.

Have a blessed weekend


  1. So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. Isnt it crazy how easter has become so much about things that dont even realate to its reality and truth?

    Anyway, your so right in that colour and handmade decorations are needed to emphasise the celebration and joy of this time.

    And they look beautiful!

  3. Lovely idea to include the scriptures. I am looking forward to beginning the weekend in sadness and contemplation and finishing in celebration and rejoicing.

  4. The first time we met we talked about religiosity - and I'm glad we're both still striving to behave our way through this life with heart, honour and thought behind the rituals of our culture.

    There are so many ways we do things differently, but fundamentally if we do them in love and for the glory of God, then to Him, we do them the same.

    I love this post, the way you have captured a precious part of the Easter spirit, celebrated in an "expression of hope".


    Love to you this Easter, dear girl.


  5. Thank you for sharing both your craft and your faith. Those are beautiful!

  6. Beautiful. Have a blessed Easter.

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