30 Apr 2011

closing sale

A couple of people have asked me lately whether I will keep my etsy shop open while we're in france and at this stage I do not know. I'd like to. But I'm not yet certain what time and resources I will available to me. In the meantime I will be holding a sale to send what things I do have off to safe and happy homes. I will be ending the sale and closing the shop in 10 days time - on Tuesday May 10th. So if you've been eyeing something off you best get in for it now. If you are not acquainted with etsy and would like to purchase something from my store please email me at eburtt@gmail.com and we can arrange an alternative.

In the three years I have had a wee shop on etsy I have felt very blessed and privileged to be sending things I have made in my own hands to various corners of the globe. Thank you to all who have bought things from thewindhover and continue to support me in the crafty realm.

To my friends and "regulars" (you know who you are) you have encouraged me beyond belief, especially in moments I doubt myself and seriously question whether I am any good at making business from crafting and illustrating. I'm still not sure about that. But what I do know is that I love making things, and I love sharing that with you.

On that note here are a few new things made for the sale:


  1. I am going to buy some things but I'll post the money through so check your emails!

    Verification word = ovens

  2. Hello, I was hoping to purchase the babushka doll illustration but it doesn't appear to be up there any more :(.
    Do you happen to have another one?

  3. Miss Alice! I put those items aside for you. And have a few other surprises to post you as well.

    Tiger, yes I do have another of those illustrations and have listed it in the shop :)

  4. Thankyou dearest. I can't wait to see! And to think I'll have some of your work all of my own!

  5. Dear, dear Emily I know exactly how you feel about not knowing about this art business thing. I am deep in the unknowing myself. I am trying to not let it all matter so much, but somehow it does. Sigh. And just so you know, it is YOU who are a blessing to me x x

  6. I put in my order. I hope you got it. Thank you for posting about this opportunity ;-)


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