21 Apr 2011

a cause of celebration

earlier this afternoon
the postman rang the doorbell
with a big envelope,
containing two passports -
(our passports)
and our french visas stuck in!
with only three weeks to go
we were getting a little worried
and are so thankful to see them granted,

and I
with my best Amélie eyes,
look ahead with anticipation
and celebrate
with homemade bread
and olive oil
as you do
at times like this


  1. just joy, always pure joy in your posts, that make me want to hug you!

    that bread looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful looking bread to be dipped in oil. I have 2 loaves rising on the bench and look forward to a late night snack when they are freshly cooked! Excellent news about your visas too. We had some trouble with ours recently and it delayed our getting started with work and study in this new place. Nonetheless no time is truly wasted and we have done other things we mightn't otherwise have done. An enforced reprieve.

  3. What a relief! What a loaf!

    What a blessing!


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