4 Apr 2011

birthday balloons

on friday
the morning I turned 22
we woke up and began having breakfast
when we caught sight of these
bright things rising into the sun
I leapt out of my chair and climbed
up to my uncle's loft garden
and stood
barefoot, gazing -

my birthday balloons


  1. Happy Birthday~~~

  2. I hope the rest of your birthday was equally wonderful. Happy 22! The other night, I swear I dreamed you came to visit.

  3. I always forget that you are younger than I am, but I think your soul is oh so very wise <3 Happy birthday, from my heart to yours!

  4. gotta love that

    btw the word for verification was micings

  5. I hope I'm half as cool at 21 as you were - happy birthday!


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