14 Mar 2011

An update on the knitting front

Week two: Weeee! The body is now complete! I made it a bit longer than the pattern because I want it be full and cosy. Notice the "eccentric" spots here and there and the accidental purl feature in the middle (due to focusing too much on a BBC adaptation and not on what I was knitting). I decided to keep it in. Its my first knit project and it can be beautifully imperfect.

We had some autumn breeze for a short moment or two this afternoon and I longed to have it finished and on! Now for the arms :)


  1. beautifully imperfect. great poetry. i absolutely agree that you should keep it that way.

  2. Oh I want to learn to knit so badly! This is going to be gorgeous!

  3. LOVE the color of this!
    I'd say....tomato bisque!

  4. Well for your first knitting project I must say that I'm jealous. My first knitting project turned out with tons of holes! Major props to you for doing so well your first try!(I still have yet to try anything more than scarves and hats!)

  5. Love this post!

    And I am wearing that colour, right now!

    Happy knitting you clever thing!

  6. My original vintage pink wool sweater got motheaten. :( But it looks like I now not only have a pattern for it - but someone to knit me one as well. :)


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