4 Mar 2011

an update on the knitting front

Day 1: gauge done. never done a "gauge" before but thought it a good idea. looks okay, no visible holes.
note to self: this wool is soft as a baby's bottom, if not softer, if thats even possible.
Week 1: after second attempt and finally working out how to transfer from small circular needles to the larger ones, and then undoing many mistakes like forgetting garter stitch, yoke complete.
note to self: try not to lose markers while knitting like a sardine packed on morning train to work. Wool still soft as.


  1. No way could I do that as well as you have - I don't even understand the terminology!

  2. dearest, thanks for vote of confidence, but its still pretty wonky in parts :)

  3. Wonky is another word for "character", its got character. All I knit are long, long scarves, mostly to keep my hands busy as hubby watches baseball: steeee-rike!

  4. This is beautiful! The color and yarn both look so wonderful, and circles, yeesh! I give so much credit to anyone who can knit without using a round, (which is what I've done).

  5. I have never made a gauge. Perhaps my projects would be more successful if I began making them . . . The wool looks delectable, and I am impressed with your yoke. Using circular needles already. You are brave.


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