14 Mar 2011

that 7am feeling

I love breakfast.
It is my favourite meal of the day.
And yet lately, (and often) with all the busyness
I find myself rushing it,
letting it be samey and not nearly as satisfying.

I meet people who aren't hungry in the morning, who don't even HAVE breakfast by choice! That is unfathomable to me, especially if you're blessed with the resources and opportunity. So this week to herald the end of my office working era (it is my last week working as a desk and phone-bound public servant - at least for the next couple of years )

every morning I will try to celebrate the day,
and that precious moment
of warming the heart and mind and tummy
with good, nourishing food and thoughts.

maybe you'd like to take part too?

this was day one -
granola, oats, unsweetened yoghurt, frozen raspberries
sitting in my Belgium cotton nightie
soaking in the white morning light of an overcast sky
thinking, I can make it through this week, I can


  1. my absolute favorite meal of the day...would you share your beautiful raspberries??

  2. i used to be one of those people who was never hungry in the morning. over the years i've forced myself to try and eat something and later, to eat something more nourishing. it's a challenge for someone like me but i realize important for health. i think you are likely much better at eating breakfast, than i am but posts like this encourage me to do so ;-)

  3. Oh my dear, you must be so excited to be almost free of the 9-5 slog! I absolutely share your enthusiasm for breakfasts. I think I'll spoil myself and eat mine out today at the Little Queen. Once we've moved to Marrickville, I'll be eating my breakfast in the garden every morning. I can't wait. Also - when are you (and also Alex, but especially you) free in the next little while? I'd dearly love to spend some time with you despite all the busyness.

    PS - Your knitting progress is most inspiring! I think I shall have to start a project of my own (with lots of help from mum, I'm sure). ^_^

  4. Ahh, this looks so delicious. I never have time for breakfast, so it seems, and I spend more time planning dinner rather than breakfast. But this is just a lovely thing you have here!

  5. ditto, I'll never be able to wrap my head around non-breakfast eaters!

    you'll power through this week, just fine!

  6. Shamed to say I ate two chocolate hot-cross buns this morning. Oh well - at 6.30 having to get up for ext. english it is easier than making toast.

  7. Breakfast is my favorite time of year, too :)
    Your bowl o' love looks so yummy!!


    Lots of love!

  8. Ah morning time, what bliss!
    Yum. Brekfast is a good time to be alive :)

    Hope you get through this week with a massive smile on your face and soul :)

  9. Ah, as you well know of me too dear friend, breakfast is my favourite meal, moment, feeling of the day also - lately, if I can creep out and make some tea, a boiled egg (or two) and have some jam on toast while Oliver is still sleeping - while I enjoy the view out of my sunroom window whilst I do so - I am all the better nourished in every way, for it.

    I wish I could come and meet you for lunch at your 9-5 office, and try to brighten your day.



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