17 Mar 2011

an ode to oats - my scottish ancestry

a pick-me-up for another dark grey morning,
porridge the way I like it (no milk, no sugar, a pinch of salt)
topped with sliced pear, warm toasted almonds
and a drizzle of honey.

I love oats
which I know you've heard before
and I'm sure its my scottish roots,
and more recently discovered another familial link to the 1600s
the "Burtt" quakers and merchants
who well respected the great whole grain too, I am sure.


  1. I had some oats for breakfast here in Kathmandu this morning! It is chaotic and crazy and wonderful here. We're about to leave for Begnis Tal. The trek starts with a seven hour bus trip. SO exciting! Having a wonderful time, despite our luggage not coming through with us. But it did arrive last night. Hoping the oats do their thing for me. You know what I mean. Love to all. Fb didn't work. All is well I trust.

  2. I wanted to say that I've been looking forward to these breakfast-glimpses, feeling the crush of a schedule myself, and in the bad habit of thoughtlessly scarfing leftovers or cereal ten minutes before leaving for school.

    Tomorrow and Saturday, the most difficult days I will face this week, I will follow your excellent example, and if I remember to take them, I will post pictures.

  3. Have you been watching Turn Back Time The High Street on ABC 1? This made me think of it and also feel exceptionally hungry!


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