19 Mar 2011

catching the light

before opening our art show last saturday morning I spent some time in our church contemplating the beautiful stained glass and the coloured light that fell. I wanted to share it with you.

something serene,
just standing there
soaking in colour
the pure mystery of it.

and now in the dark hours of the morning I reminding myself of that bright light.

Alex and I are about to jet off to the island state of tasmania for a week of attending a wedding and visiting family and then we are off to the hipster city of melbourne for a week of work training for france and seeing more family. It doesn't feel like I've had a chance to let my hair down for a while with all the exhibiting and finishing of work (yesterday!) but I hope to chance a few moments while we're away. I hope you do too.

See you in the new month lovelies

p.s. and I will be twenty-two!


  1. So nice to see that dress of yours again!

    BTW Mum and Dad are in NZ and have found a wool shop that sells a 'possum wool' blend.

    Sounds interesting.

  2. Happy end of 21.
    The light!!! THE LIGHT!!!!!!!

  3. What a delightful person you are! Sending you happy birthday wishes today from Hong Kong. We love you to the moon and back. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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