20 Apr 2011

black gems by the roadside

this little adventure took place while we were in Tasmania,
where thick blackberry brambles line the roads -
I spent many moments gazing longingly out car windows
spotting brambles and ripe fruit for the picking,
we did eventually stop and pick handfuls -
fresh for our mouths
and later for apple and blackberry crumble.

blackberries remind me of scotland,
of weeds in the australian bush,
scratches on my legs,
stained clothes,
the tale of the tar baby
(which my grandma would tell us when we were tucked up in bed)

I am told
there are blackberry briers in france too,

I look forward to meeting them.


  1. how wonderful and curly your hair looks! i have a feeling mine would do the same.

    i love the notion of the blackberry brambles - but out here they're a weed! still - i like picking them too. :)

  2. ooooooh this is the type of thing my family and me love doing!
    its such joyfulness when one finds fruit trees/bushes that belong to no body and are bearing fresh fruit right there for us to pick!

    they look so yummy!

  3. I love love love picking blackberrys. It's a very summer rural beach memory for me. Love this :)

  4. mmmmmmmnnn JAM! And, of course, cobbler!


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