4 Jan 2011

resolve and aspire

I love the freshness of a new year,
some things I resolve to do:

declutter, donate and pack up my things
put on an exhibiton with my husband
cook with legumes often
eat more dark green
make yoghurt
bake bread
read books
move to france
smile and find things to laugh about
learn and re-learn languages
walk everyday
for there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing
pray, pray, pray

how about you?


  1. A devine list of resolves you have there. Many of which I find on my own list too!

    How soon do you leave for France? I would love to see you again before you go... Lets see what we could arrange!

    Love to you.

  2. What an excellent list. And so charming to look at. Perhaps "draw more with blue pen" should be on my own list.

    Happy New Year Emily!

  3. Sarah, happiest of new years to you! we must encourage each other! Alex and I are planning to move early April if all goes well. I would love to see you before we go, I think we will both come down to Canberra for a weekend and maybe we can spend a day out together? And of course we'll come by for some pies x

    Lizzy, Happy New Year my dear friend! I hope it is a marvellous, blessed, and surprising adventure for and Mr Tim.

  4. happy new year, love!

    my list is quite lengthy, in my top five...What will happen if I stop resisting? we'll see ;)

    Love the doodle!

    p.s. france....le sigh....

  5. A few of these are on my list too. I wish move to France was one of them!


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