18 Jan 2011

on the engulfing

its the storm
before the great shine
its the dry bend
round the corner of something really green
I hope its the maybe for you
who are hurting

that its the still
before the wind kicks up
and takes you sailing

day two of seven days of contemplation
spurred on by Kerri of songs of light


  1. I really love that picture and the quote, and many of the ones I found on "songs of light", That was the sort of thing I was talking to you about when we had dinner recently. I can see I have some enjoyable learning and discovering to do!

  2. E, thank you for your comments - I am glad you found a resonance with it. I love the treasury of images and wisdom and thoughts on songs of light too. Not long after our dinner I created a folder in which I've been sorting through my photos for quotes or words and when I've matched them I will email them through.

  3. Emily, thank you; I need this, this morning.

  4. The image is beautiful but my heart has filed away those words more than anything...

    Thanks for the share!

  5. I really do think you have to know the darkness first, if not to notice the light, certainly to appreciate the quality of it.


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