22 Jan 2011

awe of what keeps the air in our lungs

the earth
which sustains humanity
must not be injured,
it must not be destroyed
a german contemplative, mystic
hildegard of bingen,
penned these words some 900 years ago -
she lived in this world as we do know -
and felt its compelling force,
a preciousness,
to keep sacred.
I think if she were here now
she would not list out constant
falling short of being
good stewards to what we don't deserve
(yet have)
abundantly green and blue and earthy
but say softly;
we must,
we must
sit in awe of what keeps
the air in our lungs
and carry it in our hearts
so that our children
can carry it in theirs.

day six of seven days of contemplation
spurred on by Kerri of songs of light


  1. This is lovely, and so very true!

  2. So lovely Emily. And I'm always so happy to see a fellow tree hugger!

  3. Yay treehugging!
    Where is this grand tree that you have hugged?


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