22 Dec 2010

season inspired

three christmasy pins, a lino-snowflake garland, a swedish dala, a quilty tote and last but certainly not least - a sprig of christmas bush (in honour of the bloom that makes my walk to the train station marvellous).

all at thewindhover today


  1. Emily, your creations are so beautiful. I really do love your artistic style. I wish I had a little extra money to spend on myself right now. Lets hope that dala horse stays put until January. ;o)

  2. All so beautiful. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! I must come over for a sewing tutorial! These are all so lovely Emily. I had totally forgotten about the lovely christmas bush. Looking at it gave me a little pang for Sydney x x

  4. This is all so pretty, pretty, pretty.


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