29 Nov 2010

novemeber travels: san francisco and nearby

november 22 - 26
san francisco
with blue sky
and grey bay

and nearby, hills
and tall tall tall trees

where one dollar bills
get you poems
and bus rides
and a chance at chess

houses that sit so regal,
parks that are home to the scraggly-haired,
and walls painted
like tapestry

rich and telling
of a history
and beautiful

I liked you
a lot


  1. it seems that people either love san francisco or hate it. i adore it up there!

    looked like one wonderful adventure!

    much love,

  2. alex let you shoot him TWO TIMES?! He must love you.

    Gorgeous shots, as usual. I see a city I know afresh through your eyes which put a haze of peace, calm, and depth over it.

  3. Your travels look soo perfect! It resounds so perfectly with how i would love to travel, i want to go to all those places, they are so beautiful! :)

    That forest and those city scenes....dreamy.

  4. Oh and did you end up buying a poem for a dollar?
    Thats kinda poetic in itself, buying a poem for a dollar i mean :)


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