2 Nov 2010

an ode to the pitter patter

rain is coming home from the train station
without an umbrella
and being soaked to my shoulders

is deciding to jump in puddles
as being dry isn't an option,

is the view from my desk
of grey clouds circling
office towers like halos,

is the warm bath when you're home,
the softening of toes

is the sound against the window pane
when I reflect on my life
and my land

what all this wet
and pitter patter means

great blessing
from up high
to grow
and start again.


  1. Oh gorgeous post. Profound, saturating, resonating.

    Water abounds.

  2. ...well YOUR cup is certainly half FULL...

  3. I had to walk in the rain from the train station without an umberella too yeasterday!

  4. I love that moment when you succumb to keeping dry, and just embrace it!

    love the snaps, you really captured a beautiful tone.

  5. I just found you through the Mme. And these words have been put together with perfection. This is a rainy day of shine and light. thank you!


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