25 Nov 2010

november travels: to paris again, again

12th to 18th
I have been to this city twice before
and each time experienced it in a different season,
this one was the best
and golden

my heart expanded ten-fold
that I could retrace steps
with my lover
that I could see the sky
with a new hope
and optimism
for what lies ahead

that I could look past
all the tourist-garb
and see this city
sighing and heaving
and unfurling

and I found myself loving scenes like this most
a woman carrying her baby and her shopping
past a wall of climbing vine

a city
with real people
and breathing

as trees do.


  1. Paris - such a beautiful city! I love your photos - especially the one with the view of the Eiffel tower! So exciting for you to be going to live there! :)) Martine

  2. I have missed you on this continent. But let that not sound as though I am unpleased with the look, feel and sound of your adventures.

    I am so, so pleased.

    And I wish you everything, that is right, and good.


  3. Wow...beauty... So blessed you two...how exciting..to be in the city of looove!!!

    How are long you staying/living?

    Love n' Hugs ~

  4. So happy you're back and had a wonderful time! What is that shop?

  5. wow, you saw the real things and they are so beautiful. What an experience! and oh how i would love to experience seeing the real side of cities like paris too.

    I found that little piece of writing so beautiful.


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