25 Nov 2010

november travels - and then to seattle town

19th to 22nd
we stayed with my friend and her husband
and for the first time
we smiled in each other's eyes
and I was surprised
at how natural it seemed,
an ancient rhythm
that I had always known.

we talked my voice away,
and saw landscapes
books, baby,
drank tea, shed tears,
baked, felt snow falling

and now I miss her
like a beautiful gilded book of poetry
that you need to hold close to your breast

she like a sparrow too,
and quickly away again



  1. Lucky you, getting to meet a blogger friend :-)

  2. Mrs. Sims.
    Joel sitting here over my shoulder, exclaiming, "YEAAA" when Francis made his (her?) debut? Joel says, "HIS!"

    So wonderful and enlightening to see my things through your eyes. I treasure its beauty anew.

    And yours too. What extremely beautiful and haunting words.
    Watch out. You are quickly becoming my favorite poetess.

  3. oh wow, it feels and looks like a dream and such a sweet and cosy time you had!.

  4. this is so lovely, and how magical to meet a friend for the first time :)

    hope you continue to have safe and happy travels...

  5. She is that wonderful. And there is nothing more beautiful that "meeting" for the first time only to realize you've known each other's hearts for years.

    Plus squirrels are awesome.


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