26 Oct 2010

When letters get their time in the sun

yes dear friends it is the time again - for the annual alphabet swap!

Alphabet swap [al-fuh-bet swop] : a curious blog-initiated game in which partners are randomly selected and are given the same letter of the alphabet. They then have one month to assemble a box of little things related to that letter before posting or literally swapping their finds with one another.

It must be said that alphabet swaps are especially good for old-fashioned mail appreciators. And if the last two years are anything to go by it will again be a delightful distraction before the festive season and new year busyness is upon us!

There is no need to get too extravagant or spend more than $20 - but be as creative and inventive as you like; you could include craft supplies and notions, fabric, little treasures, foodstuff, patterns, recipes, postcards, photographs, poetry etc...

An example for the letter Q:
(from last year's swap)

From me:
From dear Taddy:

If you would like to take part in this year's swap email me at: eburtt@gmail.com with your name, address, blog/website if you have one, and if you'd be happy to swap internationally.

I will announce the alphabet swappers on Monday November 1st ~ So you have exactly ONE week to sign up!


  1. Oh hooray! I've been thinking about this swap, hoping you would do it again.

  2. Really, where has the year gone?!

    So excited.



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