24 Oct 2010


New lovely things in the shop today: embroidered hoop wall-hanging, australian wildflower cards, linen-y pins
And another little giveaway - of this dusky rose pin - tell me if you could be a flower what would you be and why. The winner will be announced in a weeks time!

I would be -
a jasmine for its scent so sweet
a magnolia for its dancing petals
a lavender for its sturdiness
a hydrangea for its blue.


  1. yay for spring time! glorious beauty surrounding you, friend!

    if i were a flower, a question i have pondered on before, would be a sunflower..oh yes! i go where the sun goes and give yummy seeds..but would want to be a hybrid of lavender too!

    X's n' LoVe

  2. you should join stich and bitch. i think they bake also. hope your well, thought u and ur readers would be interested in this little number http://www.52suburbs.com/... if they didnt know it already :P

  3. Lovely new work!

    I would be lavendar because that smell brings me calm and peace like nothing else :)

  4. I would be a sweet pea, for its sturdy delicacy, and its perfume.

  5. I would be a peony, for its generous abundance of petals.

    (p.s. beautiful new exquisitries!)

  6. I would be jasmine, for its delicious scent and it's cheekiness in making people sneeze each time they walk beside it.

    I know I missed the weeks deadline, but thought I would join in :)


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