16 Oct 2010

I open my eyes
and meet Him
in all things today
in sleepy eyes
in the howling wind
in the pulling up of weeds
in the unravelling of a new project
in the gathering of foliage for a birthday surprise
in the glow of afternoon light against the wallpaper
in the quietness of the laundry
in the rising steam of a cake just baked
in the grass-view of our growing garden
in the light stretched at dusk


  1. Is that a singer treddle I see?

  2. You know what?
    The bouquet in my heart matches that bouquet in your images.
    All things are flowering.
    All things will flower.

  3. I am beyond in love with your hearth and home.

  4. I should check out your place before you have to leave it - invite me for dinner some time :)


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