8 Oct 2010


At long last I have just received my bachelor degree
of Global Studies,
majoring in Arabic, Arab World, Islam and The Middle East -
It has been a blessing and a privilege
to learn more about our world and its people,
about myself too.

May I honour the study I have undetaken,
in the way I live and work -
not forgetting that
learning comes in all shapes and sizes,
something we all are afforded,

and that greatest things I have learnt in my life so far
had nothing to do with a classroom, textbook or an essay
I have always hoped that on the day of my graduation I could set up a picnic on the green-grass lawn of the quadrangle and drink hand-brewed tea. And despite some bemused onlookers, I did.

happy week-ending!


  1. Oh Emily! I gasped when I saw this! I've been so curious waiting to see you in your graduation hat and gown.


    And good on you for having a picnic!

  2. Such a good feeling!

    And my gosh woman, you look beautiful!

    I was about three months pregnant and very sleepy during my graduation ceremony! Not very cute :)

  3. You are quite the beauty and the inspiration. Sometimes I think I will never finish my BA. Congratulations!

  4. what a glorious achievement for you. Congratulations :-)

  5. I love it!

    I am proud of you, so impressed! What a learned way to sum up your time, and all of your findings on this journey.

    I wish you every good thing, and always the pursuit of wisdom above anything, in this next chapter of your blessed & beautiful life.

    I have always felt the way you do about tea on a nice stretch of grass (and I know how lovely those grounds are first hand)! How could you have resisted! And about planning to do something in particular when that day comes, to make it complete, something that is so you, and so true.

    And no matter what, my dear, from this chapter on, one should always bemuse the onlookers!

    Love you,

  6. BTW I ADORE that red folder! It makes me want to go to Sydney Uni just to get one!

  7. BTW (2) Do you get to keep the hat?

  8. Oh! Amazing! Heartiest congratulations! And I am so confident that you WILL honour your learning, and add to it, every day of your life!! Blessings to you.

  9. So happy for you little sister x

  10. what moments! so-so wonderful.

    congrats, emily!!

  11. Thats so great! Do you feel free?

    Global Studies sounds actually very interesting....I was always interested in knowing why you chose to do the Arab/Islamic world specifically?

    i think i have to look into Global Studies.... (i started year 12 today! can you believe it!?)

    Is it even better than finnishing highschool?
    You look beautiful in the graduation uniform :)

    And you had a picnic in the sun on your graduation day? Genius. I love you!

    All the best to you for whatever comes your way next.

  12. Congrats!
    What a fabulous accomplishement, and I love the picnic :)

  13. Woo, congratulations on graduating! :)

  14. Oh how exciting! Congratulations Emily! You look gorgeous, as always and I love the wee thermos of tea!


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