26 Sep 2010

an update and i'll take tea with that

tea time
is time
at its best
is an unapologetic plea
for belly warmth
and calm thoughts
is magic
where a cup
can all at once
soothe frowns
smile lips
awake eyelids
and lull them
is indiscriminately
black, grey, white
yellow, green, red
is time
for tea
now at thewindhover:
framed originals - willow tree and flowering teapot
mounted print - time for tea head
two sweet-tea purses - featuring the miss mavis teacup cotton
and four little pins - two tea cups and two pots
And I am giving away one sweet-tea purse and a box of glorious tea from australian tea company T2 - just leave a comment here telling me how you have your tea. I will announce the winner on Friday October 1st!

with love,


  1. English breakfast with one tsp sugar and a splash of milk. Classic british.

  2. I want I want I want!!!!!!! I'm checking out your shop as soon as I can!!!!!! So exciting to see it all refreshed! As for how I have my tea...

    In Mum's funky blue spotty teapot, in bed with the sun streaming in and a good book. My favourite is French Earl Grey.

  3. Chai tea, an inch of almond milk, and agave! :)

  4. SWOON! I want all of it. As for my tea, I take it (if it's green) with lemon and sugar; if it's black with sugar and milk, and if it's oolong with nothing at all.

  5. And look: my misery ways have been overcome by one sweet teapot and the poem describing it...

  6. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway!

    I like my tea while curled up with a good book and a nice northwest rain falling outside. :)

  7. I love your drawings and the pretty embroidery too! My favorite tea is Earl Grey - and I have it with soy cream and sugar - yum - at Christmas time I love Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Suite - with just some Vanilla Silk creamer - so good - and I love my Nanny's Russian Tea throughout the fall...

  8. I adore, with a Capitol A, the Miss Mavis Fabric! Tally Ho!

  9. Oh shoot, I totally forgot to mention my tea favorites! (blame it on these sleepy drugs) BUT, while I love all tea, I think my old standard is exactly the same as Melissa's - English Breakfast with a spot of sugar and a dash of milk. Other days I give in fully to a combination of Red Roobois, Dry Lime and Hibiscus. Delish!

  10. So many goodies! I am drooling! You are so beautifully talented & gifted!

  11. Oh gosh, how lovely! I take my tea with a bit of organic sugar, or something a dollop of honey -- and with almond milk, mm mmm!

  12. I admit that I often read your blog but usually feel wierd about commenting: but I cannot resist tea.

    I take my tea either with nothing or with a spoonful of bee pollen, or a little honey if it's yerba and I feel like honey.

    Your writing is lovely, and your pictures make me want to travel to Australia. Thanks for keeping such a lovely blog.

  13. oh so many pretty creations!! Loooooooooove those drawings.

    My tea has got to be masala chai, made from scratch in the morning, almost daily. The cardamon, cinnamon, cloves and allspice boil away in a pot on the stove, then i add the milk and that simmers for a little while then i add the tea leaves and let it sit there. Then i pour into my cup and drink while reading a book. Bliss :)

  14. Oops, i know I missed out but thats ok. I just wanted to say I really like your little pins. I never drank tea until I started going out with my now husband. His family drink tea from a lovely big teapot and we all have it the same. Nice and strong with a little milk.


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