2 Sep 2010

Some news

Alex and I have an opportunity to live and work in France -
its still in the smoothing out stage,
our plan is to move there in six months
for two years -

We will be going for a short trip in November to get a firmer idea of what it will look like. I am especially excited because we will be flying home via this great land... which is home to some very dear friends of mine - and I may even get to glance upon there faces in person - which is truly the stuff of dreams.

And while I am swept up at the moment in the romance
of being able to start a life abroad
with my husband, learning a new language
(and hopefully using my learnt ones as well)
immersing ourselves in art and faith -

I know I will miss my roots, my family, so much -

So we do appreciate your thoughts and prayers
as to whether this is what we should do at this time.

photos taken on my trip to paris in 2008 with my brother


  1. Oh, oh, oh, OH! I am thinking of you as you contemplate this exciting thing. I wish you calmness and clarity, and a decision which feels more right than you had hoped. What an adventure you could have!

  2. (Also: No one in Paris could be classier than you.)

  3. thank you my dear, I appreciate your words xx

  4. What an exciting, adventurous prospect. That you and Alex find peace and guidence in your decision.

    However there will be many that will miss seeing you. Even if it is only on odd, stolen occasions.

    Love to you.

  5. I so wish I could live in Paris. *inserts jealous face here*. How much I would love to speak my adored French.

  6. Wow! I'm so excited for both of you!

  7. Wow! Congratulations. The opportunity is exciting whether you actually take it or not. I'm sure though that it would be an experience worth taking. I pray you will be guided to the right decision for you both. xx

  8. Wow, amazing news! What a fantastic opportunity for you both! One our closest friends has just jetted off to the States to live, and even though we were so incredibly sad to see him go, we can all keep in touch so well because of the brilliance of technology. What I'm trying to say, I think, is that you should just go for it - you're close friends and family will still be just that and you will learn and grow so much during your time away.

    And I can't think of anywhere more romantic to jet off to! (we will be neighbours ;)

  9. Oh lovely lass! This is more than SOME news... this is the news that marks chapters and tales in the lives of lovers. I know big decisions are, well, big to make, but do remember: we ALWAYS make the very best decisions we can with the information we have. And that is all we can count on. I know interstate moves are really nothing compared with intercontinental ones, but moving hundreds of miles from our friends and family on the whim of knowing it felt right in our guts was the best move BC and I could have made. It was the catalyst that set in motion so many wonderful things I never counted on (one being the blog I started so my mom could see photos of my life in Seattle...) and while tough, was absolutely our life path.

    All that to say:
    Thinking about you. Knowing you two will be right. And excited to see where life leads you.

    loves, - U

  10. what thrilling news!
    to live in Paris for a stint of time is a dear dream close to my heart.

    I hope everything falls into place for you two, here's to a glittering future!


  11. Oh ladies, thank you thank you - your thoughts and encouragements are so precious and affirming...

  12. Oh for the sake of pete. Let me know where you're landing. I'll be there waiting, in elf shoes.

    A bientot!!!!
    xx (one for each cheek) (how French!!!)

  13. Oh my goodness Emily that is such exciting news! what could be more marvellous? I can imagine you there right this minute with your glorious cheek bones and fabulous haircut!


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