10 Sep 2010

ear loves

Mariee Sioux Flowers and Blood

I can't get this woman's voice out of my head - it is so haunting and beautiful... Faces in Rocks is by far and away my favourite album in a long time. Find it if you can.

other ear-loves at present:
califone; roots and crowns - for its lyrics and experiments and cow bells
the black keys; brothers - because it is fast-becoming the soundtrack of our exploits in the garden
m ward; post war - to walk to and tap my toes, any time, any where
orphaned land; mabool - just really wonderful oriental-folk metal

how about yours?


  1. I loved this song by Mariee Sioux, I will look her up some more so thankyou for the recommendation!

    Listened to the Orphaned ones at the bottom and got a nasty shock - I should have read 'metal' but just saw the oriental part. I can't stomach metal at all, and can't understand how you can with such sweet taste on the first one...? Ah well. Good to be open to different things.

    We're just uploading all of our CD's to itunes for the first time and rediscovering some favourites - The Smiths, Beth Orton, The Panics, The Finn Brothers, Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Radiohead, The Frames, Iron and Wine - so much good stuff!

  2. Ear loves:

    Ron Sexsmith - Retriever (because the straightforward poetry and new melodies got to me even when I listened to the terrible music of thirteen-year-olds.

    Tegan and Sara - The Con (because these women are so strong they send chills up my spine)

    The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (because Jack White is a master of not only guitar, but the process of creativity, and it shows, always)

  3. Sharolyn, Mariee has a beautiful voice doesn't she! And sorry about the shock on Orphaned Land - I should have put the "metal" part in bold. It may seem like a funny clash of musical taste; but I love music across all genres because of their interesting compositions and storytelling... and though metal might seem like a big horrible loud blur to one person, it can be a rich landscape for another with notes of jazz and melodic riffs and poetic lyrics. And I love your list of tunes - Iron and Wine, The Smits and Radiohead are favourites of mine too.

    Ah Lizzy, I love reading your list because I feel like a know you just that bit more x


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