30 Sep 2010

a day off work on thursday means
a pause from office -
sleeping in,
putting the washing out,
visiting my mamma for hot chocolate and a long walk
listening to the wisdom (only mum's have),
a visit to the little local parish thrift store -
wherein we found spring dresses and beads,
and a roam in my childhood garden
finding things like a tiny pineapple
budding nasturtiums,
and kitten hiding under the birds nest fern.


  1. I LOVE that tiny pineapple. I have an obsession for tiny things. Hehe ~

    I love looking into your world through your camera's eyes ~ You have such a lovely artistic style to you.

    Love n' HugS!

  2. i love these tiny details that mean so much in life.
    These glimpses of your life really are happy-making(?) and the best :)

    A joyful way to spend an ordinary day like a thusday!

  3. is that a tiny pineapple or a big window? love it (and your hair) just the same!


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