20 Sep 2010


for my sweetheart's twenty-eighth birthday
which was on friday
I whisked him away to the sea
for a few days
because I love this man,
I do, I do.
We listened to waves,
felt the whitest of sand between our toes -
(and hands when sandcastles are being constructed)
we soaked up sun
and scrambled over rocks -
we watched local dolphins dip and dive,
he swam in the cold salty blue
and I frolicked knee-deep,
we read books and prepared good food,
laughed long and slept sound,
we walked in the bush we love so well
and reminisced on how we would miss it
when we move continents -
and sat still for a moment to pray a blessing
on the shore -
that when we return again
the trees would still be stretching tall and grey,
that the sand would still be white.


  1. Whatta birthday.
    28 has been good -- tell him this year is going to spoil him rotten.

  2. Ahhh! The beach....and the beach with kangaroos!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Please please pass on my Best Birthday Wishes to your Pirate!

    And on the subject of that second photo: Don't you think that little wormy munchers make the most amazing line drawings? I feel I always have SO MUCH to learn in looking from the mastery of nature, who always creates the very best art.

  4. looks like an wonderful getaway :)

  5. A happy (however late) Birthday wish to Alex!

    My love to you both!


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