17 Aug 2010

Old As Trees

last weekend
to celebrate the 150th birthday of our church

I baked a big chocolate cake -
and helped run a little workshop
in which we attempted
to sew and paint and stitch
a tapestry

based on the psalms,
which are songs and poems to the maker -
they tell a story of human experience
in joy and grief -
in love and
of gladness, of doubt, of certainties,

cries for mercy, praise of creation, longing for justice,

songs from the road we all find ourselves walking on
And we celebrated -
not for the beauty of a building
or the works of its dwellers

but the simple history
of people
regardless of class and language
and tidy hair

meeting at the table


  1. Those pieces of tapestry are so honest and beautiful.

  2. Is that last panel drawn from the Bible?

  3. This is what religion should be.

    It may not be my calling but it lifts me and fills me with something glorious.

    P.S. The cake and liberty of london fabric do too. ;)

  4. this is so beautiful.
    i love the woman holding her "love" cloth. of course that cake too!


  5. I so enjoyed being with you in that church on your most special day...


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