27 Aug 2010

Oh the places you'll go

A few months ago for our dear housemate's hen's party we went to a local ceramic workshop to decorate dinner plates for her. I think that is such a brilliant and novel idea - I love the way that each person's plate was unique and said something of their personality. (I also love that I live with Felicity and so the plates get to live in our kitchen). Ceramics is such a wonderful medium - working on my plate reminded how much I enjoyed dabbling in it last year... I hope I can dabble some more soon.

before firing
two of the houses are numbered "29" and "301" for the two houses I have lived in with Flea and the little flag says "Oh the places you'll go"


  1. That is my favorite Seuss book. Felicity is lucky indeed, to be able to eat off that plate.

  2. I adore this plate. So so very much. And if it wasn't meant to live there with you, I might just beg it to come and live with me.

  3. I LOVE this Emily! So gorgeous and of course the words 'oh the places you'll go' reminds me of my favourite Dr Seuss book :)

  4. Beautiful plate. Just beautiful. I'm sure the recipient will love it.

  5. it's gorgeous. i think i like it before firing even more so.

  6. Thank you ladies, I love eating off plates that tell a story...


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