31 Aug 2010

Ode to Winter

dear winter,
I had a pre-prepared blog post to remember you;
a collection of words and scenes
carefully selected and arranged
from the months passed,

And sitting down in front them of
it didn't seem to make sense -
it didn't seem to reflect you

then, looking out the tall windows
I saw this -

your final dance.

which is testament to your beauty,
telling of your spontaneity -

and despite my blathering
and misgivings
and low spirits
and daydreams
and impatience

I am sorry for hurrying you along
when you have been so good to me -
sent wide blue skies,
sunshine to my cold fingers
rain to my parched lips
violets to my heart,

and its strange to think that it will be
one year and six months before I meet you again
because we will have moved to the other side of the equator -

I think I will really miss you.
I know I will.


  1. I was just thinking about spring beginning tomorrow. This is a beautiful ode. Thanks for putting lots of my sentiments into words.

    I must have missed it, but whereabouts on the other side of the equator are you moving too?

  2. This was beautiful, that sky looks like silk fabric and those sunny days felt so good in the middle of the winter days BUT i have to ask, Your moving!? Where to?!

  3. mmm. winter in france.


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