19 Jul 2010

A pause from winter cool

When on Sunday
we finally held our breath and scampered
to the park across our busy road
with plates of cheese and quince paste,
sliced apples, wild olives, polenta chips,
tomato, feta, basil and pine nut salad and ginger tea,
Courtesy of my dear friend Jess who came to stay
and the growers markets on Addison road.

We sprawled on the dewy grass
and soaked in sunshine in our every pore -
like cats at 11'o'clock
We lay down our rugs,
unpacked and christened
the glorious vintage picnic set
given to us as a wedding present
which is mint-green
(and as beautiful as its giver)

and oh so warm and gentle
we filled our tummies with good food,
our minds with good thoughts,
our skin with prickly sun,

Golden faced shine
I have missed you.


  1. Ah brilliant! Everytime the sun shines down on my face these days i just cant help but smile and feel oh so good! and sometimes i wish i could go and live in the sun but i think i will burn :)

    That food looks so good for the soul!

  2. What a heavenly spread! Wish I was there!


  3. delicious looking picnic!!! my favourite part is the olives...


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