11 Jul 2010

an ode to nuptials in the bush

nuptials in the bush
where there is
beauty in the trees
music on the grass
and a bride with maids in boots,
leaves that shower lovers,
and children run barefoot
nuptials in the bush
and a tent filled with all the best things;
bright flowers, old bottles, vintage linen,
happy faces, good food,
a bathtub filled with booze,
conversation and whimsies for the garden -

and a table of soup!

nuptials in the bush
laden with delicious cakes
that nest in blooms and hungry hands
espressos and hot chocolate,
jazzy notes and dancing feet

nuptials in the bush
laden with winter night
strung with pretty lights
a spitting bonfire,
marshmallows on sticks,

A beautiful day,
an even lovelier night -
to our sweet friends and cohabitants:
(with full hearts and bellies)
we wish you every blessing and happiness
and may there always be a spark in your step
(And yes I surely did wear that blue wool dress)


  1. Now that is a blue dress. And a beautiful story.

  2. Beautiful wedding. I love it!

  3. (I don't think any party where you were in attendance could be anything but magical. Though I especially love the soup table.)

    Every happiness to your friends. And to you, with your new husband, your new degree, your lovely mind and your beautiful dress.

  4. Wow, what a celebration! Beautiful caturing of it all. Looks fun and personal. Some weddings are so expensive and formal and fancy schmancy these days. Blessings for the newly weds and you!

  5. What a wonderful wedding by the looks of it all.

    Sounds like perfection!

    And you so work that blue dress dear friend. Give Alex a hug and a smile from me.


  6. That dress is electric! The best kind of blue.


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