16 Jul 2010

the front room fort

and so
instead of cleaning the house
or washing dishes
we build a fort in the front room
to read and sleep in
(and find we sleep much better surrounded by words and linen)


  1. I felt an immediate urge to crawl into bed when I read this post. I'm very cozy, but it's just not the same as a fort...

  2. What fun! We always loved making 'tents' when we were little and sleeping in them...

  3. What did I say. It's never to late to have a happy childhood. :P

  4. Eeee! This is "so many glorious things!"

  5. Oh how fun! I want a fort too x

  6. How beautiful and fun! It is the best thing to never grow up! x

  7. SO glad to see grown-ups still living creatively! My husband is a free-thinker in many ways, but somehow I just can't see him giving into me and joining me in making something like this. Can't help but try though...


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