21 Jul 2010

A Crocheted Collar

This is my second attempt at a Japanese crochet pattern which some people (not mentioning any names) suggested looked like a giant doily... Well maybe it does... doilies are finely crocheted lace after all - and why not wear a doily poncho round one's neck?
I used an 8-ply cashmere wool blend which is warm and soft to the skin. It was sourced from my favourite wool shop.
I am also quite smit with my ceramic cameo pendant
courtesy of roundrabbit


  1. It does indeed look like a poncho doily. I can see though that it has intricate stitches and that you wear it very well. Nicely done!

  2. Lovely hair! And collar and pendant! You are all-around lovely, Emily. I very much enjoy seeing what you have made with your hands.

  3. I love the top! It's absolutely beautiful

  4. Beautiful collar -- and that necklace is darling!

  5. oh i love the collar with the dress, you are rocking it ;)


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