10 Jul 2010

Cobalt Blue

to-day is full of promise
like sloshes of ink on cotton paper
and the rush of warmth down my throat
with a fresh cup of tea -

(and the poetry of ink down my throat
and tea on my paper)

to-day is full of brightness,
though the sun is playing hide-and-seek
the trees are strong and stoic -
and violets bloom in the wheelbarrow

to-day is full of heart-song
as two friends we love share nuptials
and I pick up the Portuguese tarts
and sticky baklava for the festivities
(where there will be a bonfire too)

to-day is full of colour
stewed rhubarb spoon-swirled into my breakfast,
flushed cheeks as I skid around the house
mopping the floor and listening to cello,
and later -

I will put on a special wool dress
which is cobalt blue
but I like that today
I like that a lot.


  1. Oh. I looked at that beautiful artwork - I love yours best when it is biro and ink - and sighed.

    So beautiful. Have a lovely day. :)

  2. Your poetry sounds like color, and this day song sounds like joy.

    I always love hearing your words.

  3. Thank you for this. You do paint the picture as well with your words as with your brush...

  4. how is miss mavis? i hope she's not too cold in Antarctica, given the recent freeze. :)


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