1 Jun 2010

An Ode to the shimmer season

farewell autumn,
best-loved month of mine

farewell ripening leaves,
red fruits in the garden beds,
paw paw on my tongue -

you have been so beautiful,
golden shimmer-trees,

my soul has shed tears for you

for your crisp wind against my cheeks,
for your rain-washed city streets,

for the year you've framed since last

I unleave with you,
I shed my summer skin,
I grow soft and golden in the afternoon light.

You are so many things to me now,
you are my first months with my husband,
boxes in a new house,
paint on canvas,
free-spirits sailing in teacups,

you are the dawn of new things -
of work in the day,
of dreams in the night

You are shimmering
golden, brown, electric.


  1. The 18th photo in this post (the one of you shining ^_^) is amazing. One of the most beautiful photos of you I have seen (although it's hard to justify that judgement when it regards some as ridiculously photogenic as you!). Of course all your photos are amazing and the accompanying prose matches beautifully. Oh, Emily, Emily, you are far too talented a young lady. I'm glad that you at least share the fault of procrastination with me! On that note (although I know this is more technology-related) I miss Miss Mavis! I am very fond of her Norwegian friends (for we both know what truly excellent folk those Nords are ^_^) and wish to hear more of her adventures and learn more about Antarctica! In the short term, I'm thrilled to be seeing you tomorrow and also several more times in the near future. Your dear, inspiring company is sorely missing from my life. But I must cease this rambling. This comment has become a novel rather quickly (to make up for my lack of commenting, despite reading your blog religiously! I shall improve on this count. ^_^) and it is late and despite having much to do, I think I'll sleep and dream. Perhaps of human rights and international law and Karo Batak morphosyntactics - but more hopefully of pleasanter things such as the upcoming holidays and time spent cooking, sewing, reading, watching, and spending time with dear friends...

    PS - The word verification for this post is 'imnism'. Frighteningly reminiscent of 'imminent' and words ending in '-isms'. Further reminders of university...

  2. are these your pictures? because they are amazing

  3. Photo 5.

    I see you in shades of berries and blues.

  4. oh you make me long for a real autumn!! Tropics, it just gets slightly chilly, no autumn for us :(

  5. Though completely different months, Joel and I were married in the Autumn as well.

    Another magical connection to you and yours.

  6. I think you're right about Autumn. It is surely the lovliest month. And is that Alex's self portrait?

    My love to you.

  7. By the way, I adore the portrait of you in the sun; you look more and more like a beautiful woman every time I see you.

    And is that chai? I'm going to make Rick Stein's recipe for masala chai - with condensed milk! - from his Far Eastern Odyssey series.

  8. wow, Autumn came and went once again, what would we ever do without Autumn and all the beauty that it gives out?

    beautiful reflection friend.

  9. Absolutely the most perfect tribute to Autumn, to marriage, to Alex, to beauty, to love, and to you!

  10. for your crisp wind against my cheeks,
    for your rain-washed city streets,

    for the year you've framed since last

    . . .

    I love these lines.

    And I too miss Miss Mavis.

  11. What a most beautiful collection!
    <3 Love, love.

  12. This is probably the 10th time I've come back to look at these photos.

    Just lovely.


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