15 Jun 2010

Queen's Birthday (kinda) Weekend

If you must know our dear queen's birthday is actually on March 24, but for the sake of keeping public holidays well spread out we celebrate it on the second Monday in June.

My long weekend didn't feel very long at all -

and inbetween painful sessions in front my laptop
trying to finish my last-ever (last-minute) university essay

I ate sushi and listened to jazz,

saw a wonderful and startling proudction of measure for measure,

felt the warm trickle of sunlight in the front room,

set my teapot down on delicately doilies,

thought about my faraway friends,

prayed for patience,

often wished I was picnicking in the park across the road,

or walking somewhere unfamiliar,

I drank copious glasses of lemon, ginger and honey tea with fresh thyme and garden mint,

made pumpkin risotto with burnt butter sage and slithered almonds,

and finally made it out to the grass

in which I admired curly twigs,

my husband's eyes

and our big old clothes line (that is forever saying "swing me, you know you want to")

A fine weekend, even if it didn't feel that long.

And the essay is finally finished and submitted
(I think even the queen would be proud)


  1. I love this. I know these kind of weekends and I love the way you've captured it - gosh I love to get an entry from you missy, it makes my day!

  2. Sounds like a productive day! Hope your well! Love Martine

  3. how much do i love that arm chair! Sigh. Yes - I know too how you're feeling about the essay. I'm about to finish a ridiculously looooooooong science assignment. And am so glad of it.

  4. I haven't seen anything as inviting as your armchair in perhaps years. A visit with you would be so lovely!e

  5. Dearest Shell, thank you for you kind words... and as for entries you're always welcome :)

    Happiest Sparrow, it was a good day! though I am very much looking forward to the completion of university for good on monday next week! Hope you and your kin are well too x

    Alice, that armchair belongs to our sweet housemate. It is sooo comfortable and lovely (esp when the gas heater is roaring)

    Lizzy, please come over to visit soon. I will let you sit in the armchair all day if you wish and we will reading strange picture books and eat yoghurt and raspberries and pistachios.

  6. I delight in this weekend of yours.


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